slipping in and out of an altered consciousnesslaced in the memories of youbut finally, I’ve come to the realization that the idea of you has always eluded the reality ~


feelings of confusion and delusionthough slightly seductive and familiara jaded memory and a hazy perception dreamt together as the perfect illusion

as of late

WELL HELLO THERE Wow, it has been a minute. The past few months have been amazing, so full of growth, so full of new-ness. New is good. New experiences, new people, new perspectives, new environments. I love delving past what I know, I love digging deep, I love exploring over uncharted territories whether it's …

internal thoughts

Emerald green velvet dreams Pressure is building I'm suffocating My physical being feels nothing My mental state is imploding What's real anyway? Two more flights of stairs Rusty red brick walls accented with gold as my hand glides further up the glossy black banister Almost there What do I even want? What fulfills my soul... …