slipping in and out of an altered consciousnesslaced in the memories of youbut finally, I’ve come to the realization that the idea of you has always eluded the reality ~


drops of blood from my thorny fingersonto our white satin sheetsi was plucking roses from the garden for you as you lay asleep light streaks from the sun peaking through every single raindrop sweet mint tea lingers on your lipsas i map out the details of your face, of your existenceand recollect the good, the …

lone wolf

it is dark outsideI am dark insidethere is a chill in the air and it isn’t from the weatherit lives in the emptiness of this day of this yearof this lifeat the edge of redemptionI see the light that will come in the morning

the wild hunt

The Wild Huntress finds her prey the same way you find yours Through charming tales and seductive gazes She wanders day and night never blinking an eye Through giant sequoias And muddy puddles She's searching for nourishment Walking barefoot, embracing her scars and calluses She'd rather be one with Mother Nature than have pretty pedicured …


The feelings that you gave me Will always remain My intimate sanctuary My blue flame This wasn't meant to last forever Now you know But, are you feeling lucky tonight? And are you able... To give yourself to me In all the ways that I want? To nourish me With your nutrients From the vessels …