About Me

hi friend : ) I’m Aditi/Addi.

for you to truly learn about me, it would mean we have to have endless conversations about anything and everything. it would mean we spend hours and hours together in all sorts of settings. it would mean we go on long drives and spontaneous adventures into the unknown. it would mean we fail, learn, and grow together. it would mean we get to know each other, mutually, over the course of time. it would mean we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to connect with another human being. in all of these moments, you’d see me for who I am, what I am, and why I am; and in turn, I’d see you too.

in an ideal situation, I’d get that opportunity with every single one of you, but until that can happen, I’ll start by telling you that I’m inspired by just about everything. when I’m inspired, I write, take photos, record random clips that look cool to me, act out scenes, dance, come up with stories, play dress-up, paint, create whatever is on my mind. my biggest passion lies with the art of storytelling, and telling those stories through the medium of film. I want to tell stories that are inclusive of all people and I want to tell them in their most raw and honest form. I want to make people see things from various perspectives and inform them about diverse subjects. I want people to think, understand, feel, and be influenced to do more for themselves and their communities. through my transparency, I hope to enlighten, inspire, and help you draw out creativity in your own life no matter what area it be in. x