About Me

hey there, I am a 25 year old from Berkeley, California. I’m inspired by just about everything; but more specifically by the cosmos, words, experiences, people, art, fashion, cinema/film, and music.
I’m an actor/model signed to an agency in San Francisco. I majored in journalism and communications. journalism intrigues me because of my deeply rooted curiosity about the world’s people and their stories that are told through cultures, foods, governments, social issues, past and current affairs.
moreover, my passion lies with storytelling, regardless of which platform I use to tell the story. whether it’s through acting, my words, photography, or through dance, painting, film. I want to tell stories that are inclusive of all people and I want to tell them in their most rawest and honest form. I’ve never felt so strongly for anything as I do for this craft. I want to make people see things from various perspectives and inform them about diverse subjects. I want people to think, feel, and be influenced to do more for themselves and their communities. with my transparency and passion for storytelling, I’m hoping to enlighten, inspire, and help you draw out creativity in your own life no matter what area it be in.