letter to my younger self

i wish i could give you glimpses of what this life is going to hold for you. i wish i could say you’ll get all the things you set your heart out to achieve, and remind you, that all the twists and turns will get you exactly where you need to be. that no one and nothing left behind, is lost. comfort you when you feel so out of place. inform you, that because your entire existence goes against the grain of what the white man has decided is the way to live, it’s going to feel like the world is against you.

the greatest movements, advancements of our time were made necessary because the white man let his weak ego and strong need for power command over. he built these institutions in order to control the free thinkers and doers. painted the illusory american dream like something we all needed. how much does a dollar really cost?

the trailblazers of our history met resistance against new schools of thought for healing, love, equality, change and evolution. you’ll have to embody the anarchy for your ancestors who tried but ultimately couldn’t. keep fighting for the people, for the culture. you were born pure and whole, you still are, but the formations of these institutions, standards of living, and expectations in place aren’t. don’t succumb to mainstream ideations, the confines of capitalism and “the american dream” is a virus. don’t believe these institutional lies and manipulation, and don’t let anyone else either. teach where you can, listen always.  

you tend to feel the weight of the world, and while being so deeply empathetic is powerful, you have to know and understand it isn’t all for you to carry. i think when you’re feeling so in your head you need to get in there even more in order to get out to see the bigger picture again. lean on community along the way. create your art. you aren’t alone, as much as you may sometimes feel like you are. you’ll never be able to conform, own that. don’t ever apologize for taking up space and being your most authentic y o u.