notes in my phone from 1/6/21

i feel like im in this weird in-between at the moment ~ my parents house doesn’t quite feel like home anymore and neither does my new space. im floating around and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. growing pains mostly. like the shedding of one skin to take on another, a very necessary process, but also a bit of a solemn one. i feel simultaneously alone and crowded, i have to reconfigure to find my footings in a way i’ve never done before. a theme im picking up on during all this is to solidify the foundation of the home within myself so that i can continue to exist in all the ways that im supposed to. there’s a lot happening at once, movement in the cosmos and energies are shifting pretty dramatically in ways they havent ever or in over 800 years. im instinctually preparing for the unknown and embodying what my role is going to be in all of it.