summer of nostalgia

shades of cyan and cerulean coat my vision
the essence of freshly squeezed lemonade lingers in the air
my pastel pink bicycle is lightly rusted from the summer rains
but she keeps me company from dusk till dawn
as i ride up and down the sea’s coast
lost in my thoughts
everyone says i’m a dreamer
dreaming of faraway realities
gazing off into any nearby abyss
whether the sky or the ocean
or endless fields of green grass
the setting sun casts moving shadows through the windy trees on my bedroom wall
the ash from burning incense falls onto an old copy of the bell jar
my notebook is on its last page so i write onto the cover
random scribbles i hope i can make sense of later
it’s golden hour and everything twinkles like specks of glitter
i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and make a promise to never forget her