pretty girl

pretty girl in a room full of people
engaging in forced smiles and meaningless conversations
she escapes away
a few moments of solitude
enough for a quick smoke break
“peace” she thinks, for a second anyway
you make your way and ask for a light
she obeys
you take this as an invitation to engage
a few drags later,
you’ve got the head high that nicotine permits
you brush up against her
waiting for a reaction
she uncomfortably smiles and looks away
pretty girl isn’t sure if that was intentional or a brush by mistake
a moment later, you move in closer, move her hair from her face
she says “no stop,”
still, you’re gonna have it your way
she screams for help
but you cover her mouth so quickly, she got out nothing more than a yelp
you squeeze her too tight
run your nails through her thighs
pin her against the wall
and tell her, “shh it won’t take long”
mascara tears are running down her face
as you unbuckle, unbutton, and stick it in her deeply
no regard for her profuse weeping
she’s stopped resisting
she’s numb
all she feels is the cold jagged bricks against her petite shoulders
a few jerks later you’ve cum, you’ve finished
two minutes for you
a lifetime for her
pretty girl is left with all the scrapes and bruises