summer never ends

It was the middle of July

We sat on the porch and watched the day turn into night

Sipping our cold brews and contemplating life

Listening to the crickets chirping in the far away distance

The Milky Way filled every inch of the warm summer night sky

Shooting stars left and right

Nothing but empty fields in front of us

So many miles away from city life

That night we promised each other we would be different

We wouldn’t succumb to societies decisions

We would forever be:

Young at heart

Wild like the West

And free as can be

We would dance like everybody is watching

The world is our stage

Chasing sunrises

Riding the endless desert roads

Wind in our hair, sun-kissed skin and flushed cheeks was our motto

I laughed and said, you know, we wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t pursued you

You grinned at me and said, I’d like to believe we would have fallen into each other one way or another

We lay together, the lovers, faults and all, intertwined.