Okay, this is a LONG time coming. French Kiwi Juice is definitely one of my favorite artists, human beings, overall creator. I first discovered him when I went to France in 2016, his music was playing in a cafe and I was immediately hooked. I HAD to know what I was listening to. Any mood any time, FKJ has the tunes for your mind. Although technically electronic, his music has essences of jazz and often times it’s featuring a bluesy feel. His vocals are also featured throughout, whether subtly or consistently. His music gives me all the feels. It’s indescribable, simply put, his music is euphoric, it is thoughtful. So many layers and so much love put into his music. Do yourself a favor and check. him. out. 🙂

His self-titled album: French Kiwi Juice

Also, keep in mind he has many EP’s released and music prior to this lovely album, so take a listen to it all. 🙂

P.S. watch his live performances on YouTube!!!