sabrina claudio

I discovered Sabrina Claudio for the first time earlier this year. As soon as I heard her title track from her EP Confidently Lost I was hooked. Her sound is low-key R&B beats matched with a sultry voice, you can’t help but to be enticed by all aspects of her. Her music makes me want to dance all sexy in front of a mirror-I promise you’ll feel the same way after listening to her music. My favorites thus far are Confidently Lost, Orion’s Belt, Tell Me, Unravel Me, Belong To You (but honestly every song of her’s is truly amazing and one of a kind). I can’t wait for Sabrina’s album to drop and for her to go on tour so I can see her live, in her zone. Sab’s sound is extremely unique. She doesn’t have to try hard at all, her art is very organic; I see her coming up real fast. She is confidently herself. 1200x630bb