to fear or not to fear

Fear. The things that scare us make up who we are. I believe that our fears are compiled of our inner most desires. Fear is just a tall massively thick brick wall standing in the way of what you want most. Once you break through that wall there’s nothing, and I mean nothing holding you back from conquering life-whatever your idea of a full life is. It’s not the easiest task to break through your fears and overcome self-doubt but it is one that must happen.

Let me first say, fear isn’t all bad, fear is an extremely important feeling. Fear develops when there are any kind of threats to your self esteem, character or life. When you sense something potentially dangerous, the amygdala sends excitation signals to other parts of the brain; to let us know something may be wrong, it alerts us to be aware, to keep our guard up because danger may be close. Fear is what keeps us alive if troubles arise. In that way we need it, we wouldn’t be able to have survived for so many years without it. Without fear, our ancestors wouldn’t have been able to decide whether to fight or flight in daunting situations. So you see, fear is necessary, but fear can be an annoying hindrance.

Now we know there’s many different kinds of fears/phobias. The one I want to touch on a bit is, fear-based decision making. This is when you let your fears or worries dictate your actions (or, your lack of action). For example, you want to write a book but you think, “what if people hate it? What if no one reads it?” The result of this mindset cripples you from pursuing the things that are most important to you. So you live a life that is protected and sheltered-that isn’t all encompassing. You’re cheating yourself from enjoying what the world has to organically offer you.

To break through this blockage, set goals outside of your comfort zone and be prepared to fail. You must know and truly understand failing is OKAY. Oh man, it is so okay to fail. Failing means trying-but only if it is outside of your safety net. Failing within your safety net is just a way of holding yourself back. It’s not really failure if you fail inside of your comfort area, it’s just continuing on with the same state of affairs. If you never feel uncomfortable, well, then you’re not really evolving because you’re not trying anything new.

Don’t stop yourself from doing what you want because the “timing isn’t right”. Is there such a thing as the right time for a moment? Does the right moment even exist? How can we detect when that moment is going to happen? Or, do we only realize once it’s passed that the right moment was then? These are all questions that I don’t have answers for and truthfully I don’t think too much about anymore; because the right moment for me is when I decide it’s the right moment. I push myself, especially when that silly little part inside of me hesitates. It all comes down to being in touch with your psyche-your real self, and what your innermost self wants. Because here’s what I do know, sometimes we are never ready. Sometimes there is never that perfect moment. Sometimes WE have to put things into motion in order for shit to get done. Occasionally things fall into place, the stars align perfectly and all is right in our little worlds; but that only happens if you too, are doing the things that are meant for you. Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen.

Instead of protecting yourself from what you fear, protect yourself from your fears. What I mean is, conquer what you fear and save yourself from the concept of fear, save yourself from being fearful. Live your life completely, in all respects.