needs & wants & bad habits

I am nothing
I am everything
I am no label, no definition, no standard of yours to live up to
Just as a flower that is not yours to pluck
I am not yours to keep
Detaching myself from our intimate moments
Oddly shaped recollections of my devoted commitments
I’ve buried you with my deepest secrets
Don’t worry I’ll come visit
Now and again when I’m reminiscing
When I’m longing for lust
I’ll channel my senses to feel your fingertips tip toeing down my spine
I’ll acquaint myself again with your addictive aroma and your distinctive essence
I can’t stay long in these memories of you
Because you’re familiar, you’re what I know
 And I can’t be comfortable, I need to grow
This is our closure
But I’ll sulk in you a little while longer before I go