pretty much a sum up of my thoughts over the last few weeks

I’m happiest when I can make other people feel like they are rooted for, supported, and happy.
When you make a decision at the right time in the right place, the universe makes it happen for you.
Break barriers. Break stereotypes.
If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always get. Don’t go back to things that have clearly been toxic for you in the past. Make mistakes. Learn, and never make the same mistake again. Make new ones, and then learn from those. Keep the cycle of your growth GROWING. Once you know better, do better.
It’s foolish to compare your journey to someone else’s. We all have to experience our life on our own. We’ll all have sunny days and then the weather will change, and you’ll have some dark. You just have to keep moving, work through the tough days. Force yourself to indulge in doing the things that without a doubt make you feel good. For me, other than taking a hot shower, washing my hair, getting super clean; it’s getting active. Getting out in the CA sunshine and going for a run, hike, walk. Taking a dance class. Doing something that gets my blood pumping and my heart racing. After just a couple minutes of movement I immediately notice a boost in my mood and I start to feel freer, happier, and blissful. So I promise, give this a go, and then come home and take that nice hot shower 😉
Don’t half ass anything you do in life. Now I know the level of difficulty this can involve sometimes, being a fellow procrastinator and all (lol) but you won’t get anywhere in life, physically, mentally, or career wise if you half ass the things you do. I’ve learned recently, it’s not necessarily the most talented or smartest people that are the most successful in life, it is the people that are the most consistent, organized, prepared, punctual, and hardworking that are most successful. I used to think ok well, I am talented, and I’m consistent and very hardworking. But throughout the years maybe the other three characteristics have taken a slight backseat on my hierarchy of importance. Of course being talented and smart are critical, but this is only half of the equation and the other half are the qualities I named above. So, first stop, Staples, to pick up office supplies (p.s. does anyone else get as much joy as I do splurging on office supplies🙋🏽 sharpie ballpoint pens are life). To get more organized, I got a planner-a planner that I have to physically write in, and a journal-that I also have to physically write in. I constantly am typing a bunch of notes in my phone and phone calendar but another avenue will have me even more organized and better prepared. Establish routines for yourself (i.e daily, morning, nightly, busy/work day, chill days) nothing crazy, but it keeps you moving with purpose not aimlessly figuring out what to do next or getting flustered with all that you do have to do. Start keeping well kept files of important documents/papers. Create mental checklists and ‘time tables’ of your day to stay productive. To become better prepared I knew what had to be done-not wait last minute to do shit. Be ready for anything that could come my way. For example, when I have a shoot I try to make sure everything is set the day before. Because I know especially how hectic things can get on a shooting day, if anything I want to be overly prepared. Inevitably, there will be times where last minute situations happen and you have to quickly improvise, but it will go by a lot smoother if you already have an established routine to go off of. Now, punctuality is so very important. When you’re late, it’s a slap in the face to the person/place you are meeting. Your time is valuable and if you aren’t punctual, it shows those you are meeting with that their time isn’t as valuable or respected as yours. My tips for punctuality is to always get started 30 minutes before you actually have to get started. Just keep in mind, you wouldn’t enjoy being kept left waiting whether it’s for something casual or professional. Be respectful, yo.
Why do things end? Is it always so better things can come together? When do we truly know we have something good, is it only when it’s gone we will recognize its true value?
There is something exhilaratingly empowering about being blatantly and unapologetically honest and transparent. Like, this is who I am, take it or leave it. Either way, it doesn’t change how I feel about myself.
Congrats, you’ve made it to the end of this stream of thoughts. I’m gonna go finish watching The Age of Hubble, have a happy friday night and remember to enjoy life and its randomness.
xoxo Addi