travel realizations

Well, hello there!
Firstly, Happy New Year! As my Papa said, “Millennium turns Sweet 16!” For the entire month of December I was away from home. I traveled solo for the first time internationally. It was amazing. I mean of course there were highs and lows, as there usually are for a person who feels everything so deeply as me. However, I loved and relished in every single second of it. I went to India and London. I can’t even begin to tell you the feelings I felt, the amazing people I got to meet, the connections I got to make, the sights I was lucky enough to see, the memories I will always adore. Traveling solo as opposed to traveling with others can be a little frightening. You have to do everything for yourself, no one’s watching your back for you. You may not always have the feeling of comfort close by. In contrast, you have the freedom to do whatever it is you desire, you are in complete control. You are independent. Take this time to soul search, experience, and just live in each moment.
Here’s a few of the realizations I had throughout my trip:
I want to travel and explore every crevice of the world, live in each city’s culture long enough to feel like a local, go back in time with the alluring architecture whilst walking the streets. I realized I live for vibrant cultures and awe-inspiring history.
Sometimes letting go of the things that no longer serve a purpose for you is easier said than done. Sometimes it is easier to allow yourself to harbor within those negative feelings because change can be scary and initially challenging.
Simplicity is often key.
I have no interest in defining myself. I would never set such a limitation.
Everything is about perspective, change your perception and you change your perspective. What you see depends on what you’re looking for.

I am a very private person, yet I am an open book. If you don’t ask…I won’t tell.

You choose what you allow yourself to feel long term. Yes, it can be difficult to always control and filter out your emotions especially right when they happen, but long term speaking…you definitely hold the power of what you allow yourself to feel and endure.
You can either make the best of a situation or the worst. That is only your choice.
Even if you treat others the way you would want to be treated doesn’t mean they will reciprocate.
Expectations will literally ALWAYS lead to disappointments. This goes back to the point right above this. You can’t expect someone to do things the way you would, simply because they are not you, they don’t have the same heart or mind as you. If you don’t expect, you won’t get disappointed. You’ll remain neutral or you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
You can never truly control the outcome of any situation, all you can do is control your reaction and actions to what is presented before you.
Life is not always perfect and somehow there is beauty in that.
Everyone will forever have something to say about something. So be open to that. Opinions aren’t facts.
Make longer than expected eye contact with a stranger and smile.
Appreciate all the good things random people have to say about you.
I either feel completely or not at all. There is no in between for me. I am passionate about everything I do, otherwise I don’t do it. If you’re gonna half ass something, forget it.
Following your unique dreams will always be more rewarding than following a path you didn’t carve out for yourself.
If you do what you love, you have more to offer the world and others around you. Be an inspiration by being your purest and most honest self.
You will go farther in life if you are genuinely kind.
Don’t rush into anything.
Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. To be moved. To be sentimental. To be hurt. To be happy. To be sad. To be confident. Feel it.
Some things are worth holding on to. Others need to be let go of.
Almost everything in life is a contradiction and paradox within itself. Nothing is purely black and white, grey space always remains. Maybe not always prominently, but ’tis there.
Always follow your instincts. Your inner intuition knows best.
When someone shows you who they are, believe them.
There’s a lot that is wrong in this world, but there’s also so much that is right.
Everything happens exactly the way it is supposed to.
Life is about the short lived and long term connections you make with other souls.
Eyes really are the window to one’s soul.
Sometimes, it’s ok to be selfish. Take care of yourself first. You have to get right with yourself before you try to get right with anyone else.
Physicality is nothing without a soul and personality to match.
The human body is nothing to be ashamed of.
In the bigger sum of it all…just be happy. Make the conscious choice to let go of any adverse feelings and thoughts to allow way for positivity and good vibes.
You gotta allow people to make decisions for themselves, even if you offer them the best solution. Everyone has to live in order to learn.