monday feels ૐ

If I ever feel a little lost or misguided I try to always turn to meditation and yoga to center myself. I acknowledge the areas of my mind and body that need more love, due to distractions or frustrations and in turn I allow myself to heal.
Usually I do Bikram hot yoga, the room is heated to 103F. The heated room warms your muscles, prevents injury, allows a deeper workout, and flushes out toxins to cleanse the body. It’s intense. But I wanted to try something new, so I’m doing the 30day yoga challenge with Adriene on YouTube. It’s a commitment to myself for 30days, to give myself that much needed time out of my day to slow down, light some incense, focus on my breathing, and get in touch with my core. If you too feel a little stuck in your routine, try this for a little breakaway. Today was my Day 2.
P.S. Karunesh and Beats Antique stations on Pandora are everythiiiing for meditation and mellow time. ૐ