"it is better to suffer wickedness than to commit it."

This is something I live by, regardless of what may have been done to me. I try to always come up on top and prove I am better than what has been done to me. It is better to be hurt than to have hurt. Now that doesn’t mean to not stand up for yourself when you’ve been betrayed or done shady, it means to simply not inflict harm upon anyone. No matter what may have been done to you. It’s okay to be angry. It’s never okay to be cruel. This doesn’t make you a pushover or weak, it makes you a stronger person than most, the ability to have that kind of self-control. It means you’re smart enough to choose your battles wisely. Having the ability to see past the temporary bullshit is a gift not many can do.

Always do it for yourself, whatever it is, don’t do something just for someone else’s sake. Make the decision solely for the betterment of yourself. Learn when to keep fighting for something and when to simply let what’s not meant for you go.
Try to accept people with an open mind. Help someone help themselves. Be with them when they need you. Believe in them. And give them space to be.
Core teachings by Socrates: live an examined life; we can find truth within; we should strive for excellence in all areas of our lives; evil is a product of ignorance; it is better to suffer wickedness than to commit it.