philosophy of life

Hi! Ok, so my Professor asked me these food for thought questions the first week of class, thought I’d share my answers:
1. What do you most value in life? Why? I value my loved ones and my personal sanity. My loved ones’ happiness, health, and success. I love and value my dogs. I also believe in sometimes putting myself first, making sure I am okay before trying to help anyone else. I value the kindness of strangers. The mere simple things in life making the bigger possible. I value time, honesty, and loyalty. Respectfulness and appreciation. I value my integrity. 
2. What moral beliefs influence your choices and your behavior toward others? How do you determine the “right” thing to do? I truly try to be the person I would want to be around. I induce myself with things that make me happy; beautiful vibes, sunshine, peace, flowers, nature, food, friends, the ocean. I keep myself grounded and humble. I stay positive above all. I face my fears, I face my darkness, I deal with it and overcome it. I live a life of balance. I think being centered with myself, I naturally want to do good and help others because I feel enlightened and at peace with myself. I try to think of how my choices and outcomes of those choices may affect others. I think before I act.
3. What role do religious beliefs play in your life? Do you believe in “God”? Why or why not? Is there an afterlife? I’m not a very religious person, I don’t follow any religion verbatim. However I connect with Buddhism and Hinduism most. They both are more like philosophies rather than religions (Buddhism more so than Hinduism). Buddhism doesn’t pray or believe in a God, it’s about bettering oneself, living a life of doing good, reaching nirvana. Hinduism prays to many Gods but has many teachings I relate to. I personally don’t know if there is a God, I don’t pray to one, or find myself thinking of one during good or bad times. I’m spiritual. I believe the universe is magical and has some power to it. Maybe there’s some sort of greater entity or being, but until I’ve felt it myself…I have no further opinion or belief towards it. I don’t know if there’s some magical place or afterlife, but I do hope there is another side where souls can find peace and freedom from any pain or troubles one faced alive.
4. What gives your life meaning? What is the purpose of your life? What do you hope to achieve in your life? Knowing I make a difference. Knowing I helped someone. Being a good person. Happiness gives my life meaning. The purpose of my life is something I’m still learning and developing, however I know I get the most joy when helping and inspiring others. I hope to achieve a life of fullness in every realm, relationships, culturally, mentally, physically, and more.
5. How do we find truth? How do you know when you “know” something is true? What is an example of something you know to be true? We find truth by following our gut, be defying social expectations and following our own inner desires while being morally respectful of others. I think when you know something is true, you have a feeling. It may be small at first, but that feeling grows, and it just becomes what you know and believe to be true. I know that karma is real, what you put out into the world is what you get in return. Maybe not immediately, but eventually. The universe has a way of keeping things in balance.
6. Do you believe that your choices are free? Do you hold yourself responsible for your choices? I hold myself very responsible for my choices. My choices are free but I am not free from the consequences from my choices. 
7. What do you consider to be “beautiful”? Why? What is the function of art? Should “extreme” forms of artistic expression be censored? Why or why not? I consider our planet and universe to be a very beautiful place as well as the people in it, everywhere you turn there is beauty to be found. The function of art doesn’t always have a function. It is to inspire and to admire. Art is subjective and personal, art makes you feel something you can’t explain. I think art is free, not all art is for everyone but everyone can find something in art. Who’s to say what is extreme forms of artistic expression? We all feel variously and should be free to express what we feel differently, as long as no one is hurt or harmed in the process.
8. Are all people entitled to basic human rights? Why? What is justice? All people, all of humanity is entitled to basic human rights. There is no justification to be found in this unjust reality. Who is anyone to say someone else is not worthy of basic human rights?! It is wrong to discriminate based on anything, we are all humans regardless of our gender, sexual orientation, race. Justice is not being judged based on the color of our skin, whom we choose to love, how we spend our time, social class, where we were born. Justice is equal rights and liberty for all. We should all have equal opportunities to succeed. We should all be free to choose how we live our lives both publicly and privately, AS LONG AS NO ONE IS HURT OR HARMED IN THE PROCESS (that obvi deserved to be in all caps).
9. What are other important beliefs in your life? I just believe in being a good person. Doing good and acting selflessly not because I expect something in return, but because it is genuinely the free choice that I choose to make. Life is all about choices, so I make ones that better me and make me feel more at peace. I believe it’s not what you say but how you say it. I believe in a harmonious equilibrium. Paying attention to your body and being healthy. I believe in listening and learning, actively and openly. Honest communication. Having fun, reading, experiencing, facing your fears, trying new things, discipline and structure.
If you read this entire thing, you deserve a cookie. So here, have an imaginary cookie. 
C’mon it’s your favorite kind 🙂
Thanks for reading, xo Addi